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New Flames of War articles

Battlefront have updated the Flames of War website with several new articles and product spotlights. Articles Featured Event: Showcase Showdown! Battlefront Miniatures USA presents an Early War Partners Tournament in conjunction with Mike and team at Showcase Comics. What makes this event so special is that you partner up with a friend (or maybe your nemesis), one of you taking a German list and the other taking an Allied list. Unlike a doubles tournament you won’t be playing together on the same table, however your combined results will dictate which team will be victorious at the end of the weekend! Salute 2011 The Battlefront group of companies will be out in force again at this year’s Salute, and, as in previous years, our focus will be on showcasing a range of participation games which will be both visually great to look at and fun and exciting to play in. Whether you are a Flames Of War veteran, would like introducing to the game, or just want to call over for a look at some great games and a chat with the Battlefront staff, we will make sure you are made welcome and have great fun at the Battlefront Salute 2011 stand. Road To The Late-War Grand Tournament with Chris Whilst the Late War Grand Tournament is still half a year away I thought it might be interesting to post my planned list, if for no other reason than to inspire me to push forward with this rather daunting project. Before we get to the list I thought I'd give some background as to how I arrived at this point. Royal Air Force Wargaming Associations Championship Weekend 2011 The championship weekend was held again in Coventry and had several different competitions running in succession and for the last three years Flames Of War has been used to determine the winner of the Association's Modern Land Trophy. Assembling The New Plastic Rotors Blake demonstrates how to assemble the new plastic rotors for the helicopters featured in Flames Of War Vietnam. AUSCON 2011 AUSCON will be a real breath of fresh air for the Australian Gaming and Hobby scene. Running from 30 April to 2 May 2011 with three full days and two nights of gaming including Flames Of War, painting displays, seminars, retail areas, hobby displays and board games, all in a professional and licensed venue! We want to break the mould of gaming in Australia. Product Spotlights M113 APC (VBX06) The M113 APC (armoured personnel carrier) was developed to fill the same role as the WWII M3 half-track carrying infantry up to the edge of the battlefield safe from artillery and longrange fire. In Vietnam the mechanised infantry battalions used their M113 ‘tracks’ much more aggressively. M132 'Zippo' (VBX08) The M132 was an M113 APC modified into a mobile flame thrower. The cupola was replaced with the M10-8 flame gun and the passenger compartment was taken up by four 50 gallon (190 litre) spherical flame fuel tanks. PAVN Infantry Battalion HQ (VBX12) The basic unit of the PAVN is an infantry battalion called a Ti?u ?oàn B? Binh (pronounced tee-eh-oo daw-an boh bin), or just a Ti?u ?oàn, a battalion. The battalion commander is a Thi?u Tá or Major, but is usually referred to in typical revolutionary fashion as a D Tr??ng or D Leader (after the code for a battalion, ‘D’). PAVN Infantry Company (VBX13) The b? ??i, foot soldiers, are the core of the infantry companies. As the troops of B3 Front are some of the best in the PAVN, they have an almost equal mix of the newer AK47 assault rifles and older SKS carbines. The squad automatic weapon is the RPD machine-gun, a modernised, belt-fed version of the WWII-era DP ‘record player’ machine-gun. Each squad also contains a B40 rocket launcher, a Chinese copy of the Soviet RPG-2.