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New Flames of War articles

The Flames of War website has been updated with several new articles. Building the Battery of the Dead Table Part Two In part one of the Building the Battery of the Dead Table, I showed you how I built the basic board sections of the table as seen in Wargames Illustrated issue 278. This week I’ll show you how I created the terrain pieces that turned these table sections into a fully-fledged battlefield. British Cruiser Tank Tactics The armoured regiments of the British Armoured divisions were made up of 2 pdr armed cruiser tanks and lightly armed Vickers Mk VI tanks. Each gun served a purpose, on the table top the balance between the Cruisers and Light tanks is the key to victory. Cobra Scenarios With the release of the new D-Day compilations, Turning Tide and Earth & Steel; the scenarios that featured in the original books were omitted in order to make space for all the new army lists. However, we didn't want these to disappear altogether so we decided to provide the scenarios featured in these books as PDF downloads for your enjoyment. Casey's Completed Kompania Czo?gów We continue our feature on the Battlefront staff members Early-war armies by taking a final look at Casey's completed Kompania Czo?gów. How To Start a Flames Of War League Part One Earlier this year a couple members of the Fort Collins War Party tried Flames Of War for the first time after our friendly local game store picked up a few copies of the Open Fire starter set. As so many gamers before us, we were instantly hooked. The Battle of the La Fière Causeway 6-9 June 1944 On D Minus One the men of the US 82nd ‘All American’ Airborne Division jumped into to Normandy with the mission of halting German reinforcements from reaching Utah Beach. The division’s two main drop zones were positioned around the French town of Sainte Marie Eglise in two large open areas. The Merderet River divided these two areas and thus became the first objective of the 82nd in order to consolidate their position.