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New Flames of War articles

The Flames of War website has been updated with several new articles and product spotlights Spotlights Turning Tide (FW108) With the turning of the tide in the English Channel in the early hours of 6 June 1944, the landing crafts of the Western Allies begin their approach through the surf towards the Beaches of Normandy. The vessels are packed with thousands of Allied soldiers eager to bring the war to the German invaders. D-Day and the battle of France is finally here! Cromwell ARV (BR600) Like many AFV (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) in World War Two, it was common practice to create a ARV (Armoured Recover Vehicle) from the chassis of a main battle tank currently in service. The Cromwell was no different. Churchill ARV (BR602) The Churchill was also adapted to fill the need for an ARV (Armoured Recovery Vehicle). The chassis of the Churchill Mk I and Mk II had the turret removed to allow more space to store supplies and a was fitted with a demountable A-frame jib on either the front or rear of the vehicle. The resulting vehicle, produced from February 1942 was designated the Churchill ARV Mk I. M4 76mm Sherman Tankovy Company (SBX15) The American Emcha (M4A2 Sherman) is very different from the Soviet built T-34 tank. It is higher and not as wide,but the Emchisti (Sherman tankers) like it for its reliability and spacious interior. Hungarian Pioneer Platoon (HU706) The Hungarian Utász (Sapper or Pioneer, pronounced ew-tas), like the combat engineers of many nations, had a number of roles on the battlefield. They, like the artillery, were a well-trained technical branch of the army. Panther G (GE062) In May 1943 the German High Command requested MAN (Maschinenfabrik Augsberg-Nuremburg) to design a variant of the Panther after postponing the production of the proposed Panther II. The design developed by MAN became known as the Model G and would incorporate some of the features of the Panther II. Articles Victor's Hungarian Assault Gun Battery While working on Stalin’s Europe, there were two lists that jumped out at me as something I’d like to try. The Soviet Sherman Battalion, and the Hungarian Assault Gun Battery. While I still might do the Sherman’s one day, after seeing Wayne’s Zrínyis painted up, and getting the opportunity to use them in two different battle reports, my choice became clear. The Scots Divisions Updated We have now combined the 51st Highland Division with the 15th Scottish Division to create a new Scots Divisions Intelligence Briefing covering both these divisions in Normandy. The Scots Divisions PDF now has updated points to be in line with Turning Tide and Earth & Steel. 51st Highland Division in Normandy 15th Scottish Division Building a Feldherrnhalle Panzerkampfgruppe I immediately liked the look of the Feldhernhalle Panzer IV/70s when I saw that they would be available in Stalin’s Europe. I was already a fan of the low profile look of the StuG anyway so an opportunity to run similar units was appealing. The aesthetics of the gaming table also play a large part in the hobby for me and these units look awesome once they are painted up and placed ready for battle.