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Assembling the Polish Tank Company
Mark demonstrates how to assemble the Polish Tank Company for Early-war.

Gary Martin’s Early War Light Panzer Company
This week we take a break from the Staff Early War armies to take a look at Gary Martin’s (a.k.a. Big-Gazza) outstanding Early War German Light Panzer Company.

Grenadier Guards During Operation Market Goes Official
Hello fellow Guards fans! I want to thank everyone who left feedback for the Grenadier Guards briefing and I’m sorry for taking as long as I did to update it. I’ve put together some notes below on the changes made to the Under Review edition of the Grenadier Guards PDF briefing. Hopefully these address most of the questions raised, and I apologize if I’ve left any out. Thanks again for your support!

Tom Wise’s Every Allied Tanker’s Claim
This week we find some evidence to support every Allied Tanker’s claim, that every German tank was indeed a Tiger!

Early War Battle Report: Czech Panzerkompanie vs. Escadron de Combat
With the German army successful in its conquest of Poland, it now turns it’s attention to France and some unfinished business from the First World War. With the bulk of the Allied forces distracted by the attacks in the Low Countries, the majority of the German armour slices thorough the heavily forested region of the Ardennes. What opposition faced the Germans barely slowed them down but can Blake’s Escadron de Combat change history and slow Mark’s Czech Panzerkompanie in Encounter?