New Flames of War articles

The Flames of War website has been updated with several new articles. Firestorm Market Garden - Your Questions Answered Over the past few weeks we asked people to add their questions about Firestorm Market Garden to a thread in the forum and we were quite surprised by the number of responses, that is there were less than we expected. We chose to take this as a sign that people had the majority of the questions answered by the various articles during the lead up to the release and that most people had a good feel for what we were trying to achieve with our second Firestorm boxed campaign. Firestorm Plastic Tokens With the Firestorm Market Garden Campaign and boardgame hitting stores in the next couple of days. We thought you'd like to get a closer look at the plastic gaming tokens included with each box. Luftwaffe Field Divisions By the spring of 1942, the Army’s need for troops to replace its casualties was so acute that they convinced Hitler to transfer surplus troops from the Luftwaffe to the Heer. Reichsmarshall Herman Göring, Commander In Chief of the Air Force, was furious. Not only would his personal empire be diminished, but also the reactionary Army, the very organisation responsible for the failures of the previous year, would corrupt his loyal National Socialist airmen. Number 3 and Number 4 Commando at Dieppe One of the interesting things about the Dieppe raid was the number of smaller operations off to the sides of the main assault. These ‘raids within a raid’ were launched with the aim of preparing the way for the main assaults on the Dieppe beachfront by knocking out guns, observation posts and other flanking positions. Canadian and British Commando Dieppe Forces Goes Under Review With the release of North Africa, and all the special rules for the different nationalities within the forces of the British Empire and her Dominions, I thought it would be an opportunity time revisit fielding the Canadian and British forces who took part in the Dieppe raid. Tokens, Tokens, Tokens John-Paul provides an update regarding the availability of the Flames Of War gaming tokens to stores.