New Flames of War articles

The Flames of War website has been updated with several new articles today. Preview of Firestorm Market Garden In four weeks time the largest airborne operation in history will begin once more. An entire airborne army will attempt to seize key bridges leading into the heartland of the Reich. Three British corps will follow on from this attack, driving up the road to Arnheim and into the heartland of German. Can you end the war before Christmas or will it be a bridge too far? Flames Of War Ranking Website Has Been Launched Battlefront and Rankings HQ are pleased to announce that the new Flames of War Rankings website has been launched. We have joined forces to calculate and publish the rankings for Flames of War tournaments around the world, giving players a chance to easily track not only their performance, but what events are coming up. This is the place to see "who is who" in you country FOW tournament scene giving you a chance to get formal bragging rights over you gaming nemesis and friends alike. This weekend at Adepticon in Chicago is the formal launch to a new year of gaming however we have populated the site with some results from the last few months to give everybody the chance to see how this works and identify people worth challenging. Casey’s Alternative Strelkovy Tactics As Mike Allen posted an article on basic Soviet Strelkovy tactics a week ago I thought I’d post an alternative army list and tactics for more aggressive Soviet players. From Defeat to Victory Richard offers some advice on how to win in Flames Of War when first starting out. Recreating History: The Normandy Landings My brother and I first had the thought of recreating the Normandy Landings around a year ago. We are both interested in the Second World War and keen Flames Of War players; therefore, we thought that we could pay homage to this important event in history and those who sacrificed so much through our creation. Jeremy's US Parachute Infantry We take a retrospective look back at Jeremy's US Parachute Infantry. Sturmpanzer IV "Brummbär" - Part One Design and Development Wolf Höpper takes a look at the design development of one of the better-known German special purpose vehicles is the Sturmpanzer IV "Brummbär." Update To Know Your Enemy We've updated the American and British Know Your Enemy PDFs to include the Para Commanders feautred in Wargames Illustrated Issue 269.