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New Five Dollar Bundles from New Realms Publishing

New Realms Publishing has a special deal going over in their RPGNow webshop. Until Sunday, they have 5 bundles of some of their most popular products (3 to a bundle) on sale for only $5 apiece. They have one for their Chaos Collection, one for the Universal Adventures rules set, an Ogres & Underworlds starter set, an Old School Campaigns bundle, and an Adventurer's Bundle. These will only be up until Sunday, so go get you some RPG stuff for a lot cheaper than you'd usually have to spend.

From the announcement:

From now through Sunday, April. 19th, New Realms Publishing will be bringing you five bundles, each with three products, for $5 each. That’s five bundles with some of our best products at unbelievable savings. Take a look at our Chaos Collection, which brings you two of our old school adventures and a Universal Adventures adventure pack to round things out, or the Universal Adventures Starter Set which includes the Dungeon Deck, Treasure Deck and the Hall of the Ogre Lord. There is also the Ogres and Underworlds Starter Set, the Old School Campaign Bundle and the Adventurer’s Bundle! All for $5 each. Get everything you need to play a new game, start a new campaign and more during New Realms Publishing’s Five Day Five Dollar Bundle Sale.