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New Fishermen Guild Starter Box Coming From Steamforged Games

Steamforged Games has been looking to make entry into Guild Ball easier for new players. They've created starter boxes for all of their factions. But what if someone has looked online, seen the stat cards, and kinda wanted the other captain and mascot for the team? Well, there's help now for them, too. A new starter set is coming tomorrow for the Fishermen's Guild (and I presume other guilds will be getting them as well).

From the announcement:

Once the ambitious and charismatic skipper of his crew, Corsair was brought low by a brutal attack orchestrated by the Butcher’s Guild that sent him crashing out of the team. However cutthroat pirates like Corsair don’t fold sails easily – the exile has returned, desperate to reclaim his mantle.

Corsair's team is as fluid as the sea; able to deposit enemy players where they wish while cutting away crucial opposition. Their flexibility gives them a dangerous goal-scoring threat, and coaches are sure to love the tricks they can use to dominate the board.

The return of the cutthroat exile, this set includes: a ball, 6 player cards, bases, and 6 players: Corsair, Tentacles, Sakana, Veteran Siren, Hag, Jac.