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New Features and Releases Announced for Golem Arcana

Harebrained Schemes has announced some new features for their Golem Arcana miniatures game, as well as some new expansions. Some of the features include saving your game partway through so you can come back to it later. There's also a way for the various devices to communicate with one-another, even if the place you're playing doesn't have WiFi. And if there's a big group of you, you can now play up to 8-player games. Multiple languages will also soon be supported. As for releases, the next one will be Zikia Heralds of the Great Weald in April.

From the announcement:

At the GAMA Trade Show, Hairbrained Schemes shared software updates for its digitally-enhanced miniatures game Golem Arcana, as well as showing off upcoming product releases.

Jordan Weisman shared information on digital updates for the game. The App now allows players to save their game at any point, and the game can now support up to 8 player games. Players are now able to create their own scenarios, or choose from 39 scenarios provided by the game. Players can also create their own army banners, and print them out for use with the physical miniatures if they choose.

For stores that do not have wi-fi available for players, Hairbrained has created a scanning system of QR codes that can transfer information between devices. “It’s so cool we filed some patents,” Weisman said.

Organized play has been upgraded to include the QR system as well. “The tournament organizer gets credit for having the player run the event, and unlike other systems, we know what events they’ve run, what players have shown up, and how many have played,” Weisman said. “Then the players get their prize support through the digital characters in the game, because the game is a combination of the physical figures and the digital characters.”

”Best of all, there’s no argument about the rules, because the App is handling the rules, the tournament organizer doesn’t have to be an expert to facilitate the players.”

“We have 200 volunteers running 100 events a month in North America, we want to see that double by the end of the year,” Weisman said. “That’s what we’re really focused on with the retailers and distributors.”

Upcoming game enhancements include multiple language releases. The German edition of the game is planned for May, and the Spanish edition is almost ready. French and other languages are also planned.

Upcoming product releases include the Zikia Heralds of the Great Weald, which will release on April 22. MSRP is $34.99.

On June 24, the Urugal Cabal of the Onyx Cliffs will release. MSRP is $34.99. Weisman was also showing off the Urugal Colossus as the show, which is planned for summer release.