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New Fanticide Boogies from Alien Dungeon

Alien Dungeon has some new fae-led Boogies over on their website for you to see. And yes, you can call yours Treebeard if you want.

From the update:

The Fae are a mysterious and dangerous peoples, and their secrets are kept jealously. Much about them is swathed in shadows and perhaps such shadows are better left undisturbed. Mortal creatures are beneath Fae notice; they view mortals as man would regard an insect-occasionally a nuisance, occasionally useful, and seldom dangerous or worth giving even a moment’s thought. Many of the Fae are malevolent beings; they seek to do harm, and often require no provocation to unleash their malice. These beings thrive on chaos, pain, and suffering. The Sprytes could easily be classified as such; the tiny creatures live immersed in the fauna of the Forest, and they cause a great deal of suffering to those who walk its paths. Sprytes can be found nestled inside flowers, or curled up in a tree’s knot hole, or perhaps bouncing from leaf to leaf, high in the trees, or riding on the wings of a butterfly. Their small bodies, exquisite and androgynous, are charming to behold, but their tiny, inky eyes flash malice at any interlopers on Fae land. Though diminutive in size, they possess powerful magicks which they use at will to destroy the happiness of others. Sprytes also wield great strength through the Bogies; ancient, slumbering tree creatures that wake upon summoning. These tree monsters are swift and agile when they awake, and traverse through the Forest with ease, responding to the Sprytes’ malevolent whims.