New Fantasy Battle Marker Set from Litko

Litko has some new Fantasy Battle markers and tokens available over in their webshop.

Fantasy Battle Accessories


From the release:

This set includes 5- markers for declaring charges, numbered 1-5 so you can plan your charging order. 4- Fleeing markers. 2- Captured standard markers. 2- May not fire markers. 2- Stupid markers. 2- Dispell scroll markers. 4- Rallied markers. 2- Frenzied markers, and 4- Panic test markers. This is a great comprehensive collection of useful markers for your games, and will help you remember those critical moves, modifiers and tests during the game.Unlike our standard tokens, these stand up 3D markers make placing and removing them much easier. The stand up markers are also easier to see from across the table, instantly letting you know the status of your armies units.