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New Faction for War of Ashes: Shieldbash and 15% off sale

ZombieSmith is happy to announce a new faction for Shieldbash, their 15mm fantasy miniatures game. The Ki-kak are ready to make their way onto your tabletop battlefields. There's a starter set, command set, battle-hardened veterans, and even a "creatures" section with which to topple your opponents.
ZombieSmith also has a little bit of time left on their winter sale. Just put the winter code in at checkout and get 15% off your order.

From the announcement:

First, a reminder that everything at ZombieSmith is 15% off for the next few weeks, including all new releases! Use code: winter on check-out!

Introducing the Ki-kak for War of Ashes: Shieldbash, our award-winning skirmish game.

War of Ashes: Shieldbash is now $25 USD down from $35 USD now and forever. (Plus the sale's 15% off.) We now have a new printer and will be converting and moving all of our books.