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New faction announced for Dark Age

Dark Age has announced a new faction for their game. All puds, all the time... and Mongo.
Because Mongo only pud in game of Dark Age.

From the update:

They say Puds are the lowest form in the Brood gene pool- little more than ravenous mouths with teeth- And they were right…Until now…
Emerging from the southern jungles comes tales of a Pud Swarm that lost its way, wandering far beyond the stretches of the swamplands. Usually this would mean certain death, but this swarm somehow managed to survive… to evolve… Now carrying a hive-mind mentality and calling itself “Mr. Puddingtog, Esq” this foul monster has bio-engineered an entire Broodspawn of monsters, just waiting for the chance to emerge and feast upon the nutrient-rich carcasses of all life on Samaria.

It is a grim day for our world, for Mr. Puddington T. Pud Esq. and his forces are on the march to war...