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New Expansions Previewed For Star Saga

Mantic's Star Saga Kickstarter campaign is getting close to the end. They've been doing great, busting through one stretch goal after another. People are certainly excited about getting their deep-space-dungeon-delving groove on. But, as always, there's lots more that Mantic would love to add to the game. That includes two new expansions that they'd love to make it to in the time remaining.

The first is The Devil's Betrayal. Though, I'm sitting here thinking, "wait... shouldn't you expect the devil to betray you? It's sort of his schtick." This set adds in 19 new miniatures of various sizes, new tiles, and a rulebook to go with it all. Meanwhile, the Terror in the Deep is a mini-expansion bringing you three new minis, tiles, and cards to go with it. Each of these sets will enhance your game, bringing you new objectives, resources, minis, and scenarios to expand your gaming options. There's also a special bundle deal with them that gets you three expansions and the Beyond Eiras mission book. Just up your pledge by the right amount and you can add these expansions to your order.

There's less than 2 days to go if you want to join the Kickstarter. It all ends at 5pm, Eastern, tomorrow.