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New Expansion for Five Tribes Pre-order Now Available

In Five Tribes, players are vying for control of the Sultanate. Well, a new faction is about to join in the struggle for power, and they're bringing powerful artifacts with them. The Artisans of Naqala, a new Tribe, will bring new challenges and opportunities to your games. These artisans make more than just fancy rugs or intricate pottery. They can create powerful magic items that change the very nature of Five Tribes. Only through harnessing such power can a player secure their spot at the top.

The faction is represented by new purple meeples and they bring extra tiles to the game as well. The tiles expand the game board to 6x6 and include crafting workshops and markets where the materials to make those crafts can be found. There's also an impassable ravine and new mountain markers that make planning where you'll move your meeples much more difficult.


But if you can get the right materials and get to the workshops, the Artisans can create some truly amazing things. Some of those special items are just straight-up worth victory points, while others unlock special powers that you can use during the rest of the game. Simply having Artisans in your employ at the end of the game also gets you VPs.

You can expect this expansion to reach retailers in Europe some time in June, while it'll make it to North American outlets in early August. You can get your pre-order in now over in the Days of Wonder webshop.