New ex-illis tactica is available: the Ympes

Bastion have posted a new tactics articles for the Ympes faction (PDF link) in ex-illis, their hybrid desktop/computer fantasy skirmish game.

From their announcement:?

Want to know all about the Ympes in ex illis? Their story? their gameplay? Check out the new tactica.

The Ympes are a breed of small and common fiends from Christian mythology who started to appear with the first occurrence
of the Flael. Presumed to be servants in hell, these demons are not so much evil as they are mischievous. They are eternal
tricksters who love to ‘play’ regardless of the fact that the consequences might be quite dangerous or even lethal to their victims.

The Ympes are extremely offensive casters capable of much destruction so long as they are kept away from harm. They should
be treated as glass cannons –deadly but fragile. They specialize in long-range fighting, with three main branches of casting: Fire,
Lightning and Veil manipulation.