New Eureka Catalogue out now

Eureka Miniatures have released a new catalogue CD.

From their website:

The Eureka Miniatures catalogue CD has now been fully updated with all the new releases of the last twelve months as well as a few current and pending releases just around the corner. This takes us to Version 10 of the catalogue and supersedes the previous edition (9.6).

For those of you unfamiliar with our CD catalogue – the disc contains full details and black & white pictures (reproduced at actual size) of ALL the Eureka Miniatures figures we make – as well as lists and pictures for everything in the AB Figures, Grumpy, Museum, GZG and Irregular ranges that we produce under licence. (The only exceptions being some of the smaller scale 6mm and 2mm Irregular Miniatures figures, where just a representative sample has been illustrated). This ever expanding, comprehensive tome now comes in at an impressive 399 pages – should you ever wish to print off a complete ‘hard’ copy. However, the CD is easy enough to navigate on your computer, being divided up into three PDF files, each with its own contents pages with embedded links that take you to the location of the range you are interested in. Perhaps the most immediately obvious difference between Version 10 of the catalogue and all the previous versions is we have begun to include a few colour pictures of painted miniatures in the hope of inspiring you. We hope to add much more colour to future editions.