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New episodes of ReaperMinisTV released

ReaperMinisTV have posted three new episodes of their vidcast. From their announcement:
Hello everyone, Three new episodes of ReaperMinisTV are available for viewing over at In episode 065 we take a look at new figures from many of Reaper's lines, including P-65 (Owlbear and Gnoll Reaver), Legendary Encounters (Giant Rats and Gnoll), Dark Heaven Legends (Bone Pack, Easter Mousling, Classic Lizardmen II), Chronoscope (Nazi Zombie Officer, Charlie Zombie, Linus Zombie, Dee Dee Astro Girl). Then, in episode 066 we start off looking at a Weapons Pack, and then see a Mantis Warrior, Brother Roberto, Coral the Mermaid, Juliette and Tinley (female spellcasters), Blood Widow, and finally Empress Messalina. And then over in episode 067 we start off with a quick preview of ReaperCon 2011 and then move into reviews of new releases from Warlord (Giant Slayer and Dhalea Dourmidhaz), Chronoscope (Zulus pack III and Ishio an Anime Heroine), and Dark Heaven Legends (Thilinos, Ashla the Paladin, Zala Natar and Brangus Bronzebeard). Hope you enjoy. Mark, RMTV