New Eolith 54mm figure available for pre-order

Eolith Miniatures is now accepting pre-orders on a new 54mm fantasy figure, Rose. EO54-007montage.jpg From their announcement:
It's new pre-order day at Eolith Towers. My latest is 54mm Rose, lovingly cast in the finest resin for your painting and collecting pleasure. She comes complete with a scenic base and an ever faithful feline companion. She's £18 and pre-orders will ship as soon as they arrive from the caster. I would expect less than two weeks. Also, everything else in my ranges has been restocked. I have made a change to the Spyglass Classics pack. This was a pack that was a bit of a problem for me. It's a good seller but I make very little profit on it. Plus, apparently, a lot of you don't want the Katalin figure that comes with it. So, I've reduced the pack to just Shae, Inge and Si'Rene and lowered the price to £12. Due to the lack of margin on this pack I have also decided that it will now only be available direct from me from now on.