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New Elephant miniatures avialable from Indus Miniatures

Indus Miniatures has new elephants miniatures over in their webshop.
All you Romans better be on the lookout.


From the announcement:

Indus miniatures has released there first series of elephants. Their are two resin bodies and two resin heads so you mix and match. The crew will sold individually so you can create your own.

ELE01 Unarmored trunk down
ELE02 Unarmored trunk raised
ELE03 Unarmored Body A
ELE04 Unarmored Body B
ELE05 Mahout
ELE06 Drummer
ELE07 Standard bearer
ELE08 Musket firing
ELE09 Bow
ELE10 Holding musket
ELE11 Spear

Thanks for looking.