New Eldar available to pre-order from Games Workshop

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
May 25th, 2013

Games Workshop is taking down names of those gamers out there that want their new Eldar models as soon as they’re available.

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  • Haibane

    Typical GW stupidity : they’d rather release that ugly giant and a stunted aircraft than give the jetbike the re-design that it so badly needs. It’s been nearly 20 years since they released the plastic jetbike – small suprise it looks so horribly dated. Revenant and Nightwing designs from Forgeworld look so much better than these new kits. Plastic wraithguard are about the only redeeming feature in this release – only took em 20 years to get them into plastic. Pathetic.

  • jawmonkey

    This is a pretty lack luster release. I mean, every army update lately has included a big oval base monster and a flyer. Those bikes really should’ve gotten an update. Meh, I’m done with 40k though, I already have 5-7 armies (depending on the project’s completeness and one’s description of an army). I want to move on. I’m tired of painting sci-fi theme, I want to move on to other genres. That and it’s really hard to keep dumping money into a hobby who’s owners don’t support their customers. On a related note, I’ve been getting into Kickstarters, I auctioned off three tanks and a ten man squad and was able to get in on Myth, netting me a massive game with 150+ models. It’s real hard to stay involved in a game that makes hairbrained business decisions when you can sell fractions of the army to get into other games gaining popularity. Stupid GW.

  • Dewbakuk

    The new jetbike was sculpted at the same time as the new design Dark Eldar one. Jes did a blank and then sculpted the two variants, I saw it when it was a wip at Warhammer World and I was told it was finished shortly after. So it’s been done for a looong time (at least physically), I can’t believe it hasn’t been released yet again.

  • PanzerKraken

    Wraithknight looks fantastic.

  • Johnny English

    I haven’t played 40k in over a decade, but I have to say, that’s a nice model. Looks the part for sure.

  • estrus

    One could also pick up a generic mecha type model in Chinatown for about $10 and it would serve the same purpose.

    • Haibane

      Sure, but it’s not going to have anywhere near the same level of detail on it. I’m all for GW-bashing but let’s stay within the realms of reality here.

      • Or head over to and browse all the wonderful mecha with polycap joints and multicoloured platic and superior detail for 1/4 of the price.

        • PanzerKraken

          Oh please, we are dealing with the hobby industry where everything is higher priced due to the niche market. Gundam model kits are made by a huge toy company for Japan, just like the countless other big companies who do massive production runs of products. How come big Hasbro board game box is full of stuff and is only $20, yet my hobby store board game with nothing but some cardboard is 50-60$ ? This little plastic 25mm figure is 10 bucks, yet I can get detailed action figures bigger than that for less than that.

          • KelRiever

            Cause you get to paint your figure!

            Well, seriously, models have more detail certainly. Having said that, blame the buyers. They wouldn’t cost that much if people weren’t paying it, because as much as production costs, GW figures are NOT price to production, but for demand and profit.

          • Ghool

            It’s something called ‘Scale of Economy’. Larger runs of some things will inevitably cost less per unit.

            When something is manufactured for a niche, then the print runs are smaller, thus inflating the end cost to the consumer.
            This is why companies like Hasbro can charge a lot less than hobby game companies.

            I find it strange that this basic principle is lost on a lot of gamers….

          • KelRiever

            That’s a mighty assumption, that it is ‘lost on a lot of gamers.’ Do you know how much it actually costs to produce a miniature? For GW or any other company? Maybe you do. But I don’t think the concept is lost on most gamers.

            Talk to some of the miniature companies that will actually tell you what they make, or how much they make. If you want to be sneaky, go pretend you want stuff sculpted and solicit some sculptors, or spin casters, or people who produce plastic sprues. No, I’m not going to say I know what GW spends on production versus what they make, but I will say that you can talk to ComfyChair games, or message Tom Meier, and they’ll tell you the information. And as far as they say, nobody is worried about the fact that it is a niche market, and small production drive up costs. While true, what is more true is that there is plenty of room for profit per miniature, because GW leads the way in pricing for profit, giving the handy excuse for other smaller companies to raise their prices too. That’s why things happen like when the price of pewter drops, no minature company lowers their price per figure. Yet they told you they had to raise it when pewter went up in price 😛

            In theory, it isn’t an impossible concept to understand, but as far as those sources say, it doesn’t apply to miniature game world because miniatures aren’t making some razor thin margin because of production costs.

            Sorry about my tone, I don’t mean to be harsh. But I just think you are making wild assumptions on whoever you believe ‘a lot of gamers’ are.

          • Ghool

            I wasn’t talking about miniatures at all.
            My point was made in reference to this comment (and thus my comment about Hasbro and not GW):

            “Hasbro board game box is full of stuff and is only $20, yet my hobby store board game with nothing but some cardboard is 50-60$ ?”

          • KelRiever

            Sorry, my bad, then.

          • surprize

            I understand the concept but just don’t buy that it applies here. You look at 1:48 tank kits that are available at £10 and super detailed and compare them to a £25 imperial guard tank (via 3rd party seller) that are as detailed as a tonka toy. It will take more product development to produce the more detailed 1:48 kit. Even taking that apart its hard to believe Hobbyboss shift >2.5x the number of a specific T34 kit than GW sell Leman Russ tanks.

          • Veritas

            Ok, I’m going to explain this one last time, GW has a retail arm. It makes virtually no money year over year, but it’s the retail arm of the company that creates initial demand. (new gamers) Thanks to the overhead from running the retail arm, GW has to cover the costs from the model prices. My real question is why other companies need to charge close to GW prices when none of them run multi-national retail arms.

          • Killraven

            Other companies don’t have the economics of scale that GW does. They end up having roughly the same development costs, but with only a small fraction of the sales volume they need to sell for a higher price to achieve a reasonable profit. GW has figured out the general price(s) that the market will bear, the other companies follow suit for survival.

          • Bobofreak

            Yes and then there are 1:48 Scale Tamiya tank kits that £40 and people buy those. There is always a line whether its niche or mainstream from cars to shoes people will pay 2X 3X 100X the price point of a comparable product KIA to a Mercedes Skecher to a Jimmy Choo. If people are willing to pay those prices for that perceived value then that’s fine. No business intentionally partakes in a practice that will lose them money, if GW charges £25 for a tank model its because they make more money at that price point. I’m tired of people calling them an “Evil” company or empire, they make toys for grown men and women put it in perspective. You want to call a company Evil look into Monsanto.

      • Killraven

        If somebody is willing to proxy a generic $10 mecha, then they are simply interested in playing a game. That sort of person doesn’t care worth spit about the detail of the model.

        Personally, I’m a gamer, I’m gonna pick up a 9-inch Iron Man toy down at Target for $10.14. Perhaps I’ll repaint it to match my army.

  • scarletsquig

    £20.50 for 5 Dire Avengers. A core troops choice. Insane.

    • blkdymnd

      $50 for plastic wraithguard, even more insane

      • blkdymnd

        5 plastic wraithguard, that is

  • Haibane

    I dunno, retailers are knocking 30% off that, which makes it comparable to 5 Khador men-o-war I think?

  • blkdymnd

    Brick and mortar won’t be taking 30% off those, no way they can afford that. And comparing a 40mm to a 25mm based model is slightly absurd. Unless I’m off and the new wraithguard are on 40’s, but they sure look like 25’s in the pic.

    • Veritas

      Wraithguard are 40s

    • Haibane

      I quoted the 30% because that’s what they’re available at. I don’t see the point in griping at high prices when the product is available cheaper.

    • mathieu

      They clearly are 40mm bases. The 25mm bases are the Dire Avengers and fall down to $35.

      And the comparison to WM/H is apt, the companies just have different price hikes philosophies. This time around the GW model is a bit more expensive, before long PP will release a 5-man 40mm base unit that’ll go over $50. It’s been a long while since PP was cheaper than GW.

      • blkdymnd

        Ok, my bad. I had figured they were 25’s

      • jedijon

        Apt insofar as the qty of figures on the table is equivalent. Any should that ever be the case…base vs. elite isn’t the greatest parity. Neither is cheap enough for my taste! Neither is uber enough to excite my inner painter 😉

  • Nivanti

    I play bolt action now, a lot better, costs very little to get into and Warlord games actuly care about there customers, it’s written by calvatorre and priestly so can’t get much better.

    If your fed up of 40k I’d recommend that, a lot down my club have switched, some have even moded the bolt action rules to use for 40k miniatures.

  • elril

    They make some pretty miniatures, and charge what apparently some people are willing to pay. Seriously, this is their bus model and it is so old as to not be worth talking about. There are enough other outstanding games now, with friendlier business practices that you put up with GW, or ind another game. This topic is ugh. Flaggelated dead horse it should just be let go.

  • Kraan

    You can burn so much out of anything. We just have to wait they reach the tipping point where price and demand is unsustainable. As long as people buy, GW has every right to do as it pleases. You always hear the same old argument.
    Look at the Golden Demon: “Frakking GW, cancelling the Games Day and Golden Demon…Frakking GW, now the price is 50€ plain ticket…….Are you going too?Yes, yes, of course, wont miss it…”