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New Eisenkern Panzerjägers From DreamForge-Games and a Sale

DreamForge-Games heads into May with the release of their new Eisenkern Panzerjägers squad. These badass ladies are armed to the teeth. And knowing DreamForge-Games kits, there's plenty of pieces in it to work with making the squad look unique for your tabletop. In celebration of their release, DreamForge is also having a sale on their website. You can get up to 40% off certain products in their webshop.
Stay tuned to TGN for a review of some DreamForge-Games kits coming soon.

From the announcement:

We are celebrating the release of our Eisenkern Panzerjägers with a sale.

20% off the new release Panzerjägers.

30% off our infantry, support weapons, accessory kit and APC.

40% off all Leviathans and their components.