New editions of TSNS and B&B available from TVAG

The Virtual Armchair General will be releasing updated versions of their The Sun Nevers Sets (TSNS) and Boilers And Breechloaders rules.

From their announcement:

Both The Sun Nevers Sets (TSNS) and Boilers And Breechloaders (B&B) are going back to the Printers in new and improved physical forms, which will be significantly less expensive in the future. 
While the rules for TSNS are not significantly changed, the component graphics (color map unit markers, the Event Deck, and maps) have all been improved and are now sold separately as a Supplemental Set.  These same game components are now printed in B&W within the rulebook, adequate for introductory play of the game.  This will allow the cover price to fall from $45.00 to only $30.00.
For B&B, the news is even better.  The rules have been extensively modified for both simpler and more exciting play, and there have been even further graphic improvements.  There are new full color Mine and Torpedo Markers, as well as newly designed Action Cards and Wind Vane, making for ten full color sheets of heavy card stock–and these come with the rules, ready to cut out and use.  Best of all, the retail price remains at $25.00, the same as for the last 7 years or more.
Yet, both titles are now available for $25.00 and $15.00 each, respectively, until Friday of this coming week.  Subscribe to one or both (and save postage), but these two complementary games have never been cheaper nor in such high quality presentations.