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New Edition of Wyrd Chronicles Now Available

Gen Con is coming up. As we saw in yesterday's Monday Preview, Wyrd is going to have an alternate Hamelin box set available at the show. But what other things can you expect? Well, download the latest edition of Wyrd Chronicles and find out (along with some other cool stuff).

In this issue:

Check out the next installment, Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 30!

Broken Promises – Get a glimpse of what happens under the hood of designing a Malifaux book.

Storied Soundtracks: In the Flesh – Tattoo ink flies off flesh as quickly as the words fly off the page in this jaw-crunching contest winner!

Scatter Terrain – Learn how to make awesome scatter terrain pieces with a Wild West theme.

The Northern Junction – A diligent rail worker’s life is thrown across the tracks when his family is taken from him.

Bad Medicine – The Fated find themselves taking a trip to Fortune Falls, where a wife desperately seeks a cure for her husband’s debilitating and curious ailment.

Nemesis – Someone’s been performing necromancy right under the Guild’s nose. Decide the victor of this Duel of Fate at GenCon!