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New edition of Song of Arthur and Merlin available

Song of Arthur and Merlin coverGanesha Games have released a new edition of the Song of Arthur and Merlin fantasy rules. From their announcement:
Song of Arthur and Merlin is a stand alone miniatures ruleset based on the Song of Blades engine. Written by Arthurian expert Daniel Mersey, this book includes:
  • Three versions of the Arthurian story: Hollywood’s knights in shining armor, the gritty hero of Welsh legend, and a historical world stripped of all magic and monsters.
  • scenarios and campaigns for Arthurian games
  • knights, magicians and creatures from British folklore, historical Britons and their Saxon, Pictish, and Irish enemies.
  • 38 magic items.
  • 19 warband advances.
  • New special rules, optional rules for large warbands.
Print version available from lulu for $15: PDF version available straight from GG. PDF version will soon be available here on 6sided and also on all the fine vendors that carry our products. If you purchased a previous version and kept the paypal transaction, you are entitled to a free PDF of the new book, so please drop me a note or use the contact form on our site.