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New Edition of Res Publica Up On Kickstarter Now

Mage Company is getting quite a catalog of games under their belt that they've successfully put up on Kickstarter. They continue that trend with a new edition of Res Publica. This one slingshots the game into the far future, as you try and collect resources across the entire galaxy. The campaign is going now and has already passed their funding goal and then some.

In the Box

Like previous editions, Res Publica: 2230AD is a trading and resource acquisition game. Players are looking to collect sets of 5 of the same race in order to build a space station (which will allow you to draw more cards) or collect 5 similar technology cards, which lets you build a city (thus netting you VPs). You do this each turn by offering trades with other players. There are also other cards in the game that alter the standard mechanics, such as letting you build a city with just 4 technology cards, or bring in extra VPs.

As I mentioned, the campaign is already more than 150% funded and there's still around 2 weeks left to go on the clock.