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New Edition Of Puppetland Available

The Year of New Editions continues to roll on. This time around it's Arc Dream Publishing with a new, and expanded, version of Puppetland, their RPG of... well... talking puppets. What can you expect in this edition? Well, there's expanded and clarified rules for playing the game, itself. There's also a new storybook (I.E. - adventures, basically) where the Maker of All Puppets gets murdered! How... happy?

Punch has killed the Maker of All Puppets. And now he and his army of Nutcrackers (you know, like at Christmas) are on the move. Along with the Nutcrackers, there's also the Boys in his forces. They were created from the flesh of the Maker of All Puppets. You and your other puppets must work to defeat Punch and his vile army once and for all. It's not going to be easy, though. And you might just have the stuffing knocked out of you (which is, of course, fatal for a puppet).

Can you bring sunshine back to the land of puppets?