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New Edition of Block War for Judge Dredd Miniatures Game available from Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing released a new version of Block War for the Judge Dredd Miniatures game over on their website.

From the announcement:

We have just posted a brand new revision of the Block War supplement. As usual, there are all sorts of tweaks and changes, but the highlights include;

* The Zombie Horde now has access to Super Zombies!
* Altered rewards in the rulebook campaigns.
* Dark Judges have revised rules and stats.
* New mercenaries - Chopper, Spikes Harvey Rotten, and War Marshal Kazan.
* Exorcist Judge can now have a go at exorcising the Dark Judges (may Grud have pity on his soul!).
* Mechanismo have new weaponry.
* Mob rules tweaked to curb excesses.
* New Talent trees for bikers and Leaders of Men.
* Famous Firefights - a brand new chapter that lets you play out famous battles from the comic strip. We kick off with a tough fight from the First Robot War and a smattering of punch-ups from the reign of Chief Judge Cal!