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New Eden release from Taban

Taban Miniatures have released new figures for their Eden post-apocalyptic skirmish game.

Eden February 2011 releases

From their announcement:
4 new fighters for our skirmish game Eden this month .

Earthquake ahead with Sabaka Heavy Foot, shaka of the Guardians Brotherhood. A new leader option for your Bamakas war band . The Green Konchu, recon drone that, despite of its clumsy look, will sneak with ease toward its target and paralyse it. Erhard, just like a good old AD&D cleric, will heal his friends and ‘convert’ the others with blunt weapon wisdom. and at last, some deadly grace with olya, the Joker’s Gang acrobat

All models painted by Mohand. Sculpture Olya and Erhard by Mohand, Sabaka by Stéphane Simon and Konchu by Stéphane N'Guyen