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New Dystopian Wars releases

Spartan Games have announced a series of new releases for their Dystopian Wars game. Prussian Empire Bombers From their announcement:
Do you love the Bombers in the Naval Battle Groups and want more? We're delighted to tell you that the Bombers are now available separately in our Online Store and in your local gaming stores.   Prussian Empire Bombers The Geier Bomber is presently the most heavily armed bomber in its class, and has a slightly larger complement of rocket marines than other bombers. Fitted with fore and aft Tesla weaponry, with which it attacks targets with streams of energy both as it approaches its target and after it has passed over.   Kingdom Of Britannia Bombers The Doncaster Bomber has a powerful bomb attack, so that when a squadron of Doncasters makes a combined bombing run they can cause a lot of damage. They are also armed with torpedoes, so that they can cause disruption and destruction to naval models during their approach run. 
Empire Of The Blazing Sun Bombers The DFA-170 can take a lot of punishment. It is armed with rockets in addition to bombs, giving it the ability to damage most types of target at long range. The DFA-170 also has more Ack Ack turrets than most bombers, making it a fearsome proposition for enemy aeroplanes to attack.   Federated States Of America Bombers The A-17 is tougher than most bombers and can weather a lot of flak, but it is also a little slower than other bombers in its class. It is also armed with torpedoes, so that when it gets in close with naval models it can cause a lot of damage in combination with its squadron mates.   Fighter Tokens The Dystopian Wars game makes extensive use of Fighter Tokens, which players can deploy as Fighters, Dive Bombers or Torpedo Bombers. You can never have too many fighters in the game and this is a bundle of 30 resin tokens. So lock and load, get your fighters on the gaming table and start harassing your enemies models .... but be careful of the Ack Ack fire.