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New Dystopian Wars Pre-Orders Available From Spartan Games

New Dystopian Wars Pre-Orders Available From Spartan Games

There’s a new 2-player starter set coming out for Dystopian Wars. You all know my love of 2-player starters. This one is called Operation North Star. It pits the Teutonic Order from Scandinavia against the Dominion of Canada. Along with the 2-player kit, there’s numerous other sets for the game that are available to pre-order now. They’ll begin shipping out in August.

From the announcement:

A massed fleet of Scandinavian Teutonic Order vessels arriving in the waters around Greenland marks the beginning for one of the Dystopian World’s most exciting campaigns to date. Facing this force are the stalwart Canadians with their new Navy. The scene is set in the frozen waters for a most epic of conflicts and we invite you to take part – and to also grab some cool FREEBIES for pre-ordering.

The Operation: North Star 2-Player Starter Set is the ultimate way to collect both of our new Alliance fleets, and also an ideal way for new players to start their journey into the stunning Dystopian World. We’ve taken an array of stunning naval models, a Dystopian Wars 2.5 Rulebook, Dice, Tokens & Templates, Scenery, TAC Decks, Campaign Guide and bundled them together. This boxed set is crammed full of awesome wargaming love: