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New Dwarves available to Advance Order for Kings of War

Mantic is taking pre-orders for new Dwarf units coming out for Kings of War.


From the announcement:

Kings of War is the game of epic fantasy battles, where mighty warriors fight against powerful soldiers in the name of conquest and victory. The world is littered with conflict, though perhaps none as well known as the War of the Quartz Sceptre.

Fought between the Dwarfs and their Abyssal Kin, the War of the Quartz Sceptre is a defining moment in the history of these two warring factions, and now you can join the fight with the new Hellfire and Stone Kings of War supplement.

Presented as a full colour A4 book, Hellfire and Stone is the first narrative campaign for Kings of War, featuring six scenarios that allow you to play through the entire story, as well as painting and modeling guides, an optional Dwarf King’s Hold Scenario and the background behind the epic battles.

Hellfire and Stone plus a selection of new units for the Dwarfs and Abyssal Dwarfs, including Sveri Egilax, a prominent Berserker Lord who rides into battle on his mighty Helbrokk, sprueless plastic Berserker Brock Riders and Immortal Guard, as well as new heroes, infantry sets and army boxes (the Abyssal Dwarfs one contains units not released individually until the end of May!!) are now available to pre-order and will begin shipping on the 25th April.