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New Dwarves and Trolls Available To Order For The Hobbit From Forge World

The Hobbit is getting a couple more releases over on Forge World's website. It's two ends of the scale this week. You've got the industrious but short dwarves. And you've got the nearly-mindless and rather monstrous trolls. So, whether you want little-smashy or big-smashy, they've got something for you.

From the releases:

At the forefront of the armies of the Iron Hills stand the Iron Hills Captains. Stalwart and hardy, these Dwarven veterans are handpicked to lead by Dain Ironfoot himself and have proven to be capable fighters in all manner of warfare. Yet it is their tactical minds that truly set the Iron Hills Captains apart from their kin. Their abilities in commanding their forces are second to none and have made the armies of the Iron Hills the most feared Dwarven fighting force east of the Dimrill Dale.

The Dwarves of the Iron Hills will follow their lord without question into battle. Their unbending resolve and will to fight drives them forwards against unassailable odds. Many Dwarves are equipped with huge mattocks or crossbows, whilst others are armed with long spears and broad shields; these Dwarves are highly trained in the art of forming a nigh-impenetrable shieldwall. Just as with Dwarven armour, no weakness is permitted in the army of the Iron Hills, and so the Dwarves of Dain's army are the finest of their kind.

Amongst the deadliest of creatures under Azog's command are the Trolls of Gundabad. These massive beasts are clad in crude metal armour and wield either a huge wooden club capable of turning even the mightiest warriors to paste, or a pair of deadly scythe gauntlets that can effortlessly slice Man and beast in two. The sight of such a fearsome foe is enough to cause doubt in even the bravest of hearts.

Gundabad Trolls are both a Monster and a Warrior for the Azog’s Legion army list, allowing you to take multiple examples of these brutish creatures in your force. The Gundabad Troll with Crushing Club is capable of easily squashing an enemy flat with a single downward swipe, and has a particular hatred of Elves and Dwarves, fighting with increased fury when pitted against either. Its bulky form is encased in hastily cobbled-together plates of armour, virtually bursting at the seams with strength it would be unwise to underestimate. This model’s head is clad in a sinister metal helmet – should you wish for a different look, the head can be exchanged for the one found in the Gundabad Troll with Scythe Gauntlets.

Field a monstrous horde of evil marching under the cruel banner of Azog™ with this bundle of 10 resin miniatures.

You’ll receive a Gundabad Troll with Crushing Club, a Gundabad Troll with Scythe Gauntlets, a Gundabad Ogre 1, a Gundabad Ogre 2, and 2 sets of 3 Gundabad Berserkers.

This bundle includes free worldwide shipping.