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New Dust Tactics Heavy Command Squads

Fantasy Flight Games have posted details of two new Dust Tactics Heavy Command Squads which will soon be released. From their website:
Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of two new command squads for Dust Tactics, the Allied Corps Officers and the Axis Heavy Kommandotrupp. These squads will add new vitality to your Dust Tactics armies and, as always, will see simultaneous release from our Dust Tactics Premium line, outfitting them with stunning, professional paint work. Fierce urban battles rage along the southern coast of Great Britain. In Southampton, Portsmouth, and Brighton, Allied soldiers battle Axis walkers in close combat, and both sides rely upon the guidance of these heavily armored commanders who lead from the front lines. Both of these NCO Command Squads feature three dramatically sculpted, armored miniatures and add versatility to your armies with handy new skills defined in the Operation “Cerberus” rulebook. Their battle suits let them shrug off small arms fire while they call in artillery strikes, repair walkers, boosting troops to tremendous feats, and heal injured soldiers.