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New DropZone Commander Kits Available to Pre-Order from Hawk Wargames

There's only 3 important things you need take into account in Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames. Location, Location, Location. Getting the right troops where you need them at the right time is the major key to victory. Without that, you're sunk. To help expand your arsenal and make sure that you have those right troops that you can get to all the places at the right times, Hawk Wargames has started taking pre-orders for the next set of releases for the game.

Everyone gets something, but not all at the same amounts. For the UCM, they take to the field with new Heavy Hazard Suits. They're good for protecting against the hostile environments on alien worlds, as well as the aliens that might be on those worlds. The Source get the Screamer and Raider Heavy Dropship, designed for precision strikes at pockets of resistance in the enemy lines. The PHR get their own specialist unit in the form of the Medusa and their transports, the Triton-X. I only wish I had as much control over machines as the Medusas do. Then for Shaltari there's the Pungari Auxiliaries. These large brutes come from a technologically-backward part of space, but are more than willing to die for their Shaltari masters, as long as one's there to see it. Witness!

Hawk Wargames will be posting up experimental rules for these units in a couple weeks, but you can pre-order your sets now from their webshop.