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New Dropships Available To Order From Spartan Games

Something big is coming from Spartan Games for their Halo: Ground Command game. Well, two big somethings, anyway. They're the UNSC Pelican Dropship and the Covenant Phantom Dropship. They're... well... big.

"These are two of the biggest models we've had the fortune to make for our Halo games," explains Spartan Games Creative Director, Neil Fawcett. "We showed the Pelican off at Salute 2016 in London, and Halo fans loved it. Folk who weren't even wargamers told us they wanted one. And folks' eyes lit up when they heard the Phantom was coming. So we figured we had to figure out how crazy demand for the models will be, so as to be able to satisfy demand when the new tabletop ground game launches."

The renders above aren't 100% complete. So they might change slightly between when you order now and when the figures get to your doorstep.