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New Dreadmire Preview Cards Posted

With all the fog outside here today, you could almost think you were in a swamp. Though I don't think that just wandering around Atlanta is anywhere near as deadly as walking around in XenoShyft. There don't tend to be giant monsters waiting to jump out at you here in Atlanta. Either way, we've got another quartet of preview cards to check out.

We got one preview set that was all the Brood and one that was all NorTec. They're mixing the two together today, giving us an even balance. For the Brood we have the Deathweed Creeper and the Bloodseeker. Both of them get better when it's raining outside. On the other side of the playing field, there's the Militia and the Stasis Bomb. Militia aren't really going to be hanging around long, but they can be eventually traded in to help pay for something better. Meanwhile, Stasis Bombs give you hopefully a bit of a respite to take care of an enemy a bit more on your terms.