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New Dreadmire Cards Previewed for XenoShyft

As January gets closer, we also get closer to the launch of the new Kickstarter campaign for XenoShyft's next expansion, Dreadmire. Full of new NorTec gear as well as monsters from the Brood, the game brings in new mechanics based on the changing weather of the planet. Today we get a quartet of new previews to check out.

Today we get a look at a NorTec soldier, a couple pieces of gear, and a new Brood monster. The Demolitionist is good both in life, but they leave a little parting gift for the enemy aliens when they head out to death, too. Being an expert with bombs, they would do well to have a Gravity Bomb in hand. This does big damage to the enemy, but at a cost to your own heroes as well. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, in the hopes of keeping someone alive longer, there's the Chem Gun. Finally, the Mindflayer Worm turns your own troops against themselves, meaning the tougher you make them, the tougher the worm is.