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New DreadBall MVP sets available from Mantic

Mantic is re-issuing their MVP packs for DreadBall with a special low price.


From the announcement:

Mantic Games is re-releasing its DreadBall MVPs as All-Star Packs, letting players get their hands on a selection of these sci-fi superstars and a Mantic carry case at a discounted price.

Each of the packs is £14.99 / $24.99 / €17.99, and there are six on offer:

The MegaBall Veterans (Lucky Logan, Slippery Joe, Gorim Ironstone and Reek Rolat);
The Mazon Corp Crowdpleasers (Buzzcut; The Enforcer; Number 88; John Doe);
The Ultrazone Superstars (DBR-7 Firewall, Helder, Mee-kel Judwan and Ludwig);
The BlastBall Survivors (Yurik Yurikson, Rico van Dien, Wildcard and three Coaches);
The Intergalactic Overlords (Mellisandra, the Praetorian, Dozer and Riller);
The MantiCorp Showboaters (Drake and the Dynamic Dinoborg, The Veteran and Thunder Chris).