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New DreadBall Bundles and MVPs available to pre-order from Mantic

Mantic has started taking names of those that want some more DreadBall goodies as soon as they're released.

From the announcement:

We’ve just received the latest painted goodness from the guys at Golem Painting Studio - the John Doe, Number 88 and Gorim Ironstone MVPs!

Available to add to your Team in late January, not only is each available to pre-order but you can also pick them up in three brand new DreadBall Bundles, each containing the core game and a free limited edition Jonathan “Gabe” Gabriel MVP model - a very rare MVP model only available for 1 year.

Once he’s gone, he’s gone, so don’t miss out - check out our brand new DreadBall Bundles!

Merry Christmas!