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New Doctor Who Releases Available From Warlord Games

I saw several photos of people dressed up as their favorite version of the Doctor for Halloween yesterday and this morning. It goes without saying that it's an incredibly popular series (I mean, it's been on TV for, what? something like 400 years now, right? It looks at the Simpsons' time on TV and goes, "That's cute."). But what about bringing it to your tabletop? Well, that's where Warlord Games comes in. And they've got some new Doctor Who releases in their webshop.

The new kits are the shape-shifting Zygons (if I looked like that, I'd hope I could shape-shift, too) and the Judoon (please, no jokes about them being "horny"). If you missed out on them, there's also the sets for the 10th and 12th Doctors and their companions.