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New DLC Adventure Available For Mansions of Madness

As board games and technology look to merge together more, I foresee this type of story becoming more regular than they are now. Fantasy Flight Games has released the first DLC expansion for Mansions of Madness Second Edition. There's no new figures or cards or anything physical to get, but you do have a new scenario to go on when you play.

This isn't some simple, "we'll be done in a minute" sort of scenario, either. It's a challenge rating 4 and you've got 2 hours of spine-tingling events to figure out. Murder is the word of the day. Murder most foul. How foul? Even the police are going, "Yeah... no..." And did we mention the strange happenings, disembodied voices, and strange apparitions? I feel those should be mentioned as well. Take on What Lies Within if you dare! *thunder* Muahahahahahaaaa!