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New digital releases from Games Workshop

Games Workshop is working to get their product line in digital version to you. Here's the one's they've got available this month...

From the release:

Each month we're releasing fantastic digital products for your iPad. July's releases include: the expanded Codex: Necrons, featuring interactive miniatures galleries, lavish colour artwork, and updated rules to match the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000; Chapter Approved: Ork Bommer, the official, updated rules for fielding the Ork Dakkajet, Burna-bommer and Blitza-bommer as Flyers in Warhammer 40,000; How To Paint Citadel Miniatures: Evil Sunz Orks, in which army painter Duncan Rhodes explains how he collected and painted his force of Evil Sunz Orks; and Jervis Johnson has written Battlefield Challenge: Skullvane Manse, Lair of the Astromancer - all the information you need to fight exciting battles in the unpredictable environs of Skullvane Manse.

There are even more new products available to download this month, so head over to now to see what's available.