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New Digital Nordic Pack Available For Ticket To Ride

I have to say, there are some games that I've only ever played digitally. One such case is Ticket to Ride. It's been a bit, but we used to play a game during lunch on a coworker's tablet. Considering all the cards, the board, and all the pieces for the game, playing the digital version was really the only way we could get a game in while we ate. Well, a new Nordic map is available for the digital version of the game, and it just might mean we break it back out again at lunch.


As always, it's more than just a new map. There's new special rules that go with it. They include not being able to use locomotives as wild cards on regular routes, only tunnels and ferries. If you don't have a locomotive when placing a ferry route, you can use three cards of any color. Finally, there's a new 9-card route, but not all the cards have to be the same color, since you can fill any missing train car with any four cards of other colors.

There's also a special pack of maps that they've bundled together for one low price, if you've fallen a bit behind on the extra sets.