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New Dhogu models for World of Twilight

World of Twilight is going to be at Salute and they're bringing new Dhogu models with them!

From the release:

These are my big Twilight release for Salute this year - Northern fubarnii mercenaries called Dhogu who are commonly seen working with the Delgon advance forces.

These Dhogu are little multi-part models, with a main body and separate heads and arms. This gives lots of different assembly options, while keeping them reasonably easy to put together. So far I’ve got variants with spears and bows. I’ve also done a pair of knife arms for the ‘Trapper’ (a scout and guide who is never seen without his skerrat hunting beasts) and a hookstave for the leaders. The Dhogu are also supported by Yirnak riding cavalry. The Yirnak are foul tempered beasts, but seem to get on well with their riders.

These will of course be available at Salute next Saturday!