New DGS Games figures debut at Genghis Con

By tgn_admin
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Mar 2nd, 2011

WandererDGS Games previewed two new figures at Genghis Con.

From their announcement:

DGS Games unveiled two new figures at Genghis-Con in Aurora, CO. The new Trillian Enforcer and Wanderer figures were revealed to the public and used in open Freeblades demo games all weekend. These figures were received just prior to the convention and are not yet in full production, stay tuned to the DGS Games website for when they are available on in the webstore.

The Freeblades demonstration games were very popular with attendees and there was a steady stream of customers at the DGS Games sales booth in the vendor area.

Read more about the gaming action at the game designers blog on the DGS Games Forum.

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