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New Details Posted about Marvel Universe Miniatures Game

Well, it would seem, by post clicks from yesterday, that far and away the biggest story of the day was the announcement of the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game by Knight Models. I can't say that I really disagree. While there were certainly plenty of fine news items coming out, at the risk of editorializing, I'm really excited about the prospects for this one. Well, seems ol' Knight Models has been talking to a badger about the game. Hendybadger, to be specific. He's been posting some details about what we can expect in the game.

This first preview gives off some game basics. We get a look at the dice system, how and when you can measure distances, model sight, gameboard size, and so forth and so on. There's also an in-depth look at the stats that a model will come with, and an explanation of how they'll work in the game. Stay tuned, as there will be more previews in the next couple days about things like reading a stat card and an in-depth look at all of the faction starters.