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New Details about Walkers In The Walking Dead

Iiiii can't dance.
Iiiii can't talk.
The only thing about me is the way that I walk.
And I'm sure you thought I would go with Aerosmith at the start of this post. Well ha! I didn't! Anyway, Mantic is giving us a bit more information about The Walking Dead with a look into the AI used to move Walkers around the board.

There are three ways that the Walkers in the game will... umm... walk. The first is that they will automatically lunge after anyone that gets within a certain distance of them. This range is known as the "kill zone" as one would expect from such a game. The second way is one that's also fairly expected, as it's well-known that zombies are attracted to noises. So shooting off guns or running is only going to draw more to you (making the fact that a favored way of getting rid of zombies is shooting them in he head a bit of a catch-22). Finally, the game uses Event Cards for various things that might happen while playing. These can also end up moving zombies around the board, because even though they tend to stick to certain patterns, zombies are still a bit unpredictable.