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New Demon Prince and Star Player Available To Order From Forge World

Just about every day I see someone posting about the new Blood Bowl set. I really have been meaning to pick it up. I've just never gotten the chance. Perhaps this weekend. We'll see. If you do have it and are looking to add a new Star Player to your lineup, Forge World has one for you. They've also got a new Demon Prince figure for Age of Sigmar for you to order.

From the releases:

Add Varag-Ghoul-Chewer to any Orc Blood Bowl team – not just the Gouged Eye – with this resin kit. He’s a big, mean, angry example of an Orc, clutching a Squig in his left hand and covered head to toe in the kind of chunks and spikes you’d expect from an Orc star player. His rules (his gloriously violent rules) can be found as a Star Player card in the Blood Bowl boxed game, as well as in Death Zone Season 1.

Mazarall the Butcher, Daemon Prince of Khorne is covered in Khornate symbols, skulls and ornate armour featuring sharp edges and huge spikes, worthy of his rank. His axe, known as Harrow Meat, fuels his blistering rage, adding more and more attacks with every kill. Not only is he a fearsome hand-to-hand fighter, but the Ancyte Shield he carries – covered in the gnarled, stretched skin of some unfortunate victim – strikes down any foe cowardly enough to flee to what they think is a safe distance by blasting baleful energies torn from the daemons enslaved within.