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New Demigriffon from Titan Forge

Titan Forge has their new Grandmaster of the Lion Order on Demigriffon up over on their website.

From them to you:

The Realm is known for its strength in cavalry - in the air and on the ground. But even in such an elite army there are units that are standing out and Griffon Riders of The Lion Order are one of those units. Led by the order's Grandmaster, their charge lays waste to all foes, be it the horrors of Gravehaunt Hills or the pillagers from Bloodsail Island.

This set contains enough parts to build one Grandmaster of The Lion Order riding his griffon steed:

- Grandmaster's body
- Halberd's blade
- Griffon body
- Griffon tail
- Griffon's left front leg
- Shield
- Scenic base

Sold with discount until stocks last!

Master model sculpted by S?awomir Ko?ciukiewicz.